On Fridays, it’s helpful to look back over the week, and identify two things: 

1 – What went well?

2 – Even better if….?

Your what went well (WWW) can be a task that you finished, or a choice that you’re pleased with. It could just be a moment where you had a good feeling. 

Once you’ve chosen it, then let your WWW soak in, for at least one deep breath. This isn’t the bit to skip or rush through – give your brain a moment to enjoy it!

Then for the final 30 seconds, you think about next week: what would be even better if….?

The trick with Even Better If (EBI) is to choose it in connection with your WWW. 🤜🤛

“Given what went well this week, what would be even better if next week?”

It’s tempting to focus your EBI on things you haven’t done. 

“It would be great if I finally learned how to use Squarespace”, or “I should go for a run every day”.

But, it’s not meant to be an opportunity to berate yourself, or whip up anxiety about the stuff you’re not working on. It’s meant to be about taking your progress from this week, and using it to set you up for next week – building on the good foundations that you’ve recently laid. 

For example, if your What Went Well was, “I worked with the finance team and got budget approval for my project” then your Even Better If for next week might be: “Say thanks to the person I worked with, and map out the critical path to the first milestone.”

That’s really maxing out the value of your 1-min review. ⏲️

Sounds too simple. Why is WWW + EBI a good strategy?

Because it’s a super simple structure, you’re more likely to remember to use it. And the whole point is to build up the links in the chain, from week to week.

We start by giving your brain a little rewarding rush of positive chemicals, and then domino through:

  • building a nice safe-feeling bridge from one solid thing to the next

  • feeling motivation to get started on the next step

  • creating a momentum habit

WWW and EBI takes 1 minute to do but makes a big difference to what you get done from week to week.

Bonus Points

  • Chaining tasks builds a much stronger bond from one action to the next. ⚙️⚙️⚙️

  • You’ll stop hopping around and starting lots of new things 😬 = probably slipping into firefighting

  • I now review like this every day, not just once a week! 😎

Fast Flow

Have a 1-minute weekly review to use What Went Well this week to decide what would be Even Better If next week, and you’ll find momentum and greater impact over the longer term.


  1. What went well this week?
  2. What would be even better if next week?
  3. Write down your WWW + EBI where you’ll see it first thing Monday