“I’ve had more fun here in an hour and half than I have in 10 years at my job” – Workshop Participant, September 2018

“I came away totally energised and inspired!” – Boost Coachee, Jan 2019

“Thank you again for today……I think it was very valuable and the rest of the team thought so too. You’ve moved us forwards tremendously.”

“This feels like the first away day that we’ve had where we’ve come away with a clear plan agreed by the entire team.”

“I can’t begin to say how useful the two days were.”

“Deana was an essential part of what made the days successful.”

“Thank you so much for the leading us through the workshop. You did a superb job and I thought it was incredibly useful.”

“A big part of why I like working with Deana is that I so respect where she has come from, what she has actually done herself. I trust Deana and I can be honest with her. It makes all the difference.”

“I was completely blown away by the workshop! It wasn’t what I expected, but I found it incredibly insightful and I know that I will use the tools going forward.” – Workshop Participant, 2018

“I’ve been connecting with my Inner Mentor daily since the workshop and she’s been giving some surprising and very effective advice!” – Workshop Participant, 2018

“Deana is a fantastic coach. She’s approachable, friendly and really easy to talk to. Not for one minute did I feel I was being judged or that I couldn’t be totally honest and upfront with her.” – Coaching Client, 2018

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