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Build a roadmap to becoming the CxO you want to be in this 12 week online live coaching program.

Together we work step-by-step to learn the professional tools and mindset changes that CxOs use to grow their productivity, improve their wellbeing and make a difference. 

Next course kick-off on 24th March 2020. Early bird pricing now available!

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Is This Course For You?

Alt CxOs have gained hard-won responsibility and seniority in their career. They’re ambitious and respected in their fields. However, they also know that what brought them success in the past was a system of behaviour that they have now outgrown. 

They’re now making a conscious choice to love what they do by working in a way that does not compromise their own values. This means recognising their strengths and delivering their own vision for change.

If this is you, the Alt CxO walkthrough will enable you to identify your patterns and build a new path of productivity, wellbeing and difference. 

If you’re ready for more:

  • confidence to work your way

  • getting the right things done

  • effective relationships at work

  • control over the decisions that affect you

  • freedom from crazy-making corporate nonsense

  • engagement with life outside work as well as your career

  • connection with others who are working through the same challenges as you

  • tried and tested methodologies to drive sustained change

This program has been designed for you

(by someone who has been there)

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What’s Included?

  • Weekly group coaching video calls
  • CxO coaching from a CxO
  • Structured homework experiments
  • [Optional] Group Meetup: central London location, date TBC
  • Membership of the Alt CxO WhatsApp group

  • Worksheets and journaling prompts


£275 (inc. VAT) per month for 3 months

Cancel and leave the course any time

Early Bird Enrolment:

Enrol and pay for your first month by

* 14th March 2020 *

for the early bird rate of £249 (inc. VAT) per month for 3 months

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  • Group WhatsApp membership

  • Access to the exclusive online Alt CxO Membership Resources area (which grows as we work through the course)

  • Access to vote in the April meetup Doodle

  • Recommended Alt CxO reading list (curated according to readability and real-life impact)


24th March 2020 – 9th June 2020 inclusive

Every Tuesday 6.00 pm – 7.30 pm, online


How Does It Work?

You join a weekly live video call, with the other Alt CxOs in your group, and have access to support throughout the program. The walkthrough is structured into 12 topics that we work through in 4 ways:


We learn the model or tool and work on it together. Ask questions, share experiences and ideas, reflect how it applies to you and your life.


You’ll be set a homework experiment to practice in real life and given worksheets to support you.


We’ll share the results of our experiments, and you’ll have the opportunity to be coached on your learnings and next steps.


You’ll have access to the exclusive online Alt CxO Membership Resources area and membership of the dedicated WhatsApp group.

You choose if and when you want to dive in and be coached live, or whether to interact with the community. What’s important (and a prerequisite for joining the group) is that you participate with an open mind and heart. 

12 Weekly Sessions

Alt CxOs face the same core challenges and benefit from a specific toolkit for handling them. We’ll work through them together in 12 modules:

Your Inner Executive Team

Critics, creatives and (probably) a Financial Director

Handling Your Fear

… and its best friend, the fear of fear

Strategic Planning

with Form and Zen


Not a precondition for taking action, but the result

The Perfect System

The habits that keep you treading water (and how to start surfing instead)

From Drama to Power

Breaking patterns in dispiriting management relationships (your boss, your peers, your team)

Clear Communication

in noisy rooms

Finding Clarity

in times of ambiguity

Feedback, Advice and Criticism

The gifts that keep on stabbing you in the front 

Passion-not and no-tivated

Maintaining productivity in the dark days

Show and Tell

Be seen without the sell

Living Into a Bigger Question

Your new normal as an Alt CxO

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Book a 15 minute Q&A call
(ask us anything)


Already know this is for you? Book your spot now


The Alt CxO Walkthrough program is designed and delivered by Deana Murfitt, CEO Breakfast People. She says,

The Alt CxO Program is a response to the recurring patterns I see in my brilliant CxO clients. From 20+ years as a leader in fast-growth digital start-ups like lastminute.com, Last.fm and Unruly, I know the myths and realities that come with having responsibility inside crazy-busy companies. The program brings together 12 tools and concepts that I use all the time as a CxO coach and a CEO to generate productivity, wellbeing, and difference for myself and my clients.”

Connect with Deana on LinkedIn. Read her Waffles here.