Do I need to be ready to do something dramatic like quit or set up my own business or demand a promotion?2020-02-27T12:52:33+00:00

You don’t need to quit your job. 

You don’t need to be going for a big promotion or be running a big team or budget.

You don’t need to be working for yourself or setting up your own business. 

You can be any of the above, or none of them.

You need to be ready to:

  • Slow down enough to look at the form and the zen of your professional life: how you structure your work and how you relate to it. Tools and mindset, if you like. 
  • Hear other ideas and share your own experiences
  • Run some experiments for yourself
What is the program based on?2020-02-27T12:53:29+00:00

The Alt CxO tools and mindset you will learn and practice are based on tried and tested methodologies taken and adapted from leaders in the field like Tara Mohr, Jurgen Appelo, Brene Brown, Patrick Lencioni, Kim Scott, Whitney Johnson, Nancy Kline, Tom DiMarco and many more.  

The content has been distilled by Deana Murfitt after 20+ years as a People leader in fast-growth disruptive start-ups and scale-ups. This experience has enabled her to identify what works and what doesn’t, as well as the potential hurdles to successful adoption.

As part of the program we encourage you to share the ideas that have influenced you too. 

How do I know if this is the right program for me?2020-02-27T12:54:13+00:00

The program is for anyone who wants to deepen their connection to working their own way, playing to their strengths and creating results that mean something to them. 

You might be forging a career in corporate-land, scaling up your own venture, or in burning need of some time out. Anyone who wants to find their own version of being a CxO is welcome. 

You’ll know it’s for you:

  • Mainly because what you are reading is resonating. Trust yourself to know! (This is a key Alt CxO skill)
  • Ambition and agency: you’ve got to where you are because of your ability to build relationships, to do a lot with a little, and just keep swimming even when the water is rising.
  • You know that if you were more productive with your own priorities and had a greater sense of wellbeing, you could make a bigger difference. 

Being part of this group will accelerate your learning so you can be freer to be productive, your way. 

Give yourself permission to want purpose in your work, to want change, to want possibility for yourself and your ideas.

Can I get my money back if it’s not working for me?2020-02-27T12:54:49+00:00

You pay for the program in 3 instalments, one for each month.

You can cancel any time and leave the program immediately and no further payments will be due.

Is there a lot of work to do in between the calls?2020-02-27T12:55:57+00:00

You will be set a homework experiment – which will be a challenge to try out a new behaviour or tool. You don’t have to complete it, but you will only get the most impact out of the program if you do!

Do I have to speak live on the calls?2020-02-27T12:59:08+00:00

Only if you want to. On every call there will be the opportunity for people to be coached live. There’s insight for participants in the hotseat and there’s still insight when you’re listening in. Other people’s challenges are so much easier to see and perceive than your own. We’ll be talking about why this is on the program!

Other ways to think of the program2020-02-27T12:59:41+00:00
  • A leadership development program that’s designed for you rather than for the company
  • A strategic offsite for your professional soul
  • Building your battle plan
  • Rewilding your workself
  • Releasing your innerpreneur
I’d love to do the course but I can’t make that time. Are you running it at other times?2020-02-28T12:57:36+00:00

We’d be very happy to run the program at other times if there’s enough demand. Send an email to hello@breakfastpeople.co with some of the rough times that would work for you. We can add you to our waiting list and let you know when there’s a new course time available.

Can I join the program but watch a recording of the course at another time?2020-02-28T12:58:06+00:00

Some participants may want the opportunity to watch the content again. However, we’re not recording the course unless this is agreed live with all participants at the start of the program. This is for confidentiality reasons: some participants may prefer to know they can talk freely and be coached off the record. If the course time doesn’t work for you, let us know – we can run the program at other times if there’s enough demand.

If you have other questions, please send them to hello@breakfastpeople.co or book a Q+A session with Deana here.