The program is for anyone who wants to deepen their connection to working their own way, playing to their strengths and creating results that mean something to them. 

You might be forging a career in corporate-land, scaling up your own venture, or in burning need of some time out. Anyone who wants to find their own version of being a CxO is welcome. 

You’ll know it’s for you:

  • Mainly because what you are reading is resonating. Trust yourself to know! (This is a key Alt CxO skill)
  • Ambition and agency: you’ve got to where you are because of your ability to build relationships, to do a lot with a little, and just keep swimming even when the water is rising.
  • You know that if you were more productive with your own priorities and had a greater sense of wellbeing, you could make a bigger difference. 

Being part of this group will accelerate your learning so you can be freer to be productive, your way. 

Give yourself permission to want purpose in your work, to want change, to want possibility for yourself and your ideas.