Everyone who saw an early draft of this program said, “Looks good! But who is it for?”

I notice I am very resistant to answering this question. 

As an Alt CxO I am always on high alert against:

  • being told what to do
  • marketing nonsense
  • putting people in boxes
  • oversimplification and groupthink

What Alt CxOs want is to be given enough accurate and useful information to figure it out for themselves. 

I’m resistant like this to a fault. And what are faults? Strengths gone too far.

Here’s how this plays out between Alt CxOs and their work, called Work: 

Alt CxOs build successful careers BECAUSE they live and work in environments that tell them what to do, encourage spin and jostling for position, and push for high-speed oversimplification.

Because of? You mean – in spite of?

No. It’s an inconvenient truth that it’s the Work environment that enables them to do their best work.

This is because this kind of fast-growth Work context offsets and mitigates the Alt CxO tendency to hang on to ideas for too long, waiting for exactly the right moment or total perfection in their work. The Alt CxO is forced to deliver to a deadline, to not let the team down. They must come to terms with collaboration, “good enough” and the MVP. Their brilliant and meaningful ideas would never come to light, if it weren’t for the shoving from Work, who have goals to meet and shareholders to please. 

So it’s a self-driving system: 

  1. The Alt CxO wants to create something amazing and different and authentic and meaningful. 
  2. Work also wants them to do this, but do it right NOW and for the biggest billing client. 
  3. The Alt CxO continues to deliver super high quality outputs (because that’s what we do, to a fault), and shows a high level of dedication to their work (ditto). 
  4. Work is delighted, and keeps them producing and producing and producing….. 

But at what cost? What if that system stops working for the Alt CxO –  their real ambitions, their sense of purpose, their family and friendships, their health….?

There is a point – sometimes when the big job is right there – that the reality dawns. It’s all worked so well for so long, but it doesn’t work any more. This realisation is an unsettling cross between meeting the Wizard of Oz and Neo taking the red pill.

It’s big stuff, for sure. It’s very hard to know how and where to start working through it. The Alt CxO wants to find a way to genuinely play to their strengths rather than riding weaknesses. They always want to produce something amazing, but here they are feeling reduced, somehow. 

The Alt CxO program is one place to start. It’s a walk through some tools and ideas that can stop you reducing your meaningful impact in your work and enable you to start figuring it out for yourself. 

You’ll find out more on our FAQs page HERE.

If any of this post resonates with you, I’d love to hear more about your experiences.