One of the core services that Breakfast People offers – and the one I find most personally fulfilling – is coaching with me, Deana. At the moment, this product is called….pause for effect…..big breath in….. Coaching With Deana.

I’d love to come up with a name that reflects the way I engage with my clients, and the results they see. The problem is the most fitting, most evocative names have been taken already. Engage coaching? Results coaching? Evoke coaching? Already been, gone, registered, trademarked, productised, licensed and proliferated – by other coaches.

My most trusted creative friend explained that the idea is for my website to clearly show the benefits of working with me. What do my clients actually get if they hire me as their coach?

They get clarity. (Clarity Coaching, long gone. Also, yawn, far too worthy.)

They get tools and approaches that are bespoke to their situation and according to whatever resonates with them. (Resonate Coaching? Robert in Maidenhead beat me to that one).

I partner with my clients to wrestle their mindset gremlins to the floor so they can work on introducing their hopes and dreams to fresh air and sunlight. is still available, so that’s one way forward.

Try another tack: what differentiates me?

  • I like to take time to connect my client’s experiences, thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams together. The Slow Coach.
  • I work in partnership with my clients and “dance in the moment” with them. The Collaborative Coach.
  • I have 4 children. I run a growing business. I balance a bunch of other commitments. The Juggling Coach (additional opportunity for bright colours in marketing materials)
  • I bring 20+ years of working in disruptive entrepreneurial teams to every session. The Coaching 3.0 Coach.
  • I help clients see their universe, through just a tiny window. The Resourceful Coach.
  • I rely on deep listening to inform my intuition and then share this with heart. The Insight Coach.
  • I am currently typing on my sofa with my dog sleeping next to me. The Couch Coach.
  • I love to make up words. The Woach Coach.
  • I have rebellious hair grown from a non-conformist spirit. The Curly Coach.

Getting warmer.

The values that thread through my whole business – especially my coaching practice – are to…

(1) listen deeply

(2) experiment courageously, and

(3) evolve consciously.

These values describe the What as well as the How. Me and my clients, together we go 1,2,3.  

Of course, anything with listen, deep, courage, evolve, partnership, hopes, dreams, + coaching will definitely already be in use by some coach somewhere. By which I mean these words are overused to the point of non-description. Equals they’re easily blanked by a mindset gremlin that’s looking for an excuse to back out of this scary “getting coached” idea. Goodbye, potential clients now and forever!

So far, so fruitless. But, what’s been useful about this sifting process is that I have identified a powerful (and growing) list of important elements that combine to create my unique approach. None of these are a standalone quality, but layered together in a beautiful venn diagram of ideas, methods and values, there’s a bright pinpoint of light at the intersect, right at the centre. That’s the north star for my coaching practice, and as a client, we’d work together to find and move towards yours.

North Star Coaching’s already gone, by the way. Coaching With Deana lives on!


p.s. my favourite name so far has been “The Difficult Second Album Coaching” but that’ll have to be another post. Definitely call me if this resonates with you. 🙂