Why did I call my company “Breakfast People?” I get asked this one a lot.

There are as many reasons as there are flakes in a croissant, so over the life of this blog I’ll be dipping in and out of this topic like a soldier with a boiled egg.

Obvious: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It sets the tone and gives you fuel. Breakfast like a king royalty, they say.

I sometimes ask my workshop audiences what they think about the name. Free branding consultations!

  • Because you’re agile and believe in breaking fast – like “fail early”

Yes, I’ll have some of that from the punlimited breakfast buffet. Because a fail is not a fail, it’s just another piece of information to add to your wisdom. And your wisdom feeds your intuition. Yummy.

  • Because high achievers always get up early in the morning

Let’s enjoy busting this myth for a moment.

I have 4 children and a dog and am working hard to grow my company. At times, I have felt like the only way I could get through my workload was to get up at 5.30am to beat the inbox before the babies woke up.

If anyone finds success down this route they either are one of those humans who just doesn’t need much sleep (I don’t honestly think there are many of these), or they’re a lark who is heading to bed at 9pm – they’re just not telling you this bit. Or they’re an owl who is heading for serious health/stress issues.

You know if you’re a lark or an owl. Do you prefer to eat cereal with the sparrows, or as a snack with the stars? That’s when you should do your stuff. People, embrace your fine selves. That’s the Breakfast People way.

  • Because breakfast meetings are a great way to network

As an introvert and an owl, a breakfast meeting for me is OVERLOAD. Too many challenges in one go. I aspire to conduct all meetings over scones and jam at 4pm.

Clearing the decks alone is my preference to starting the day: check calendar, set an intention, take a multivitamin. What you do every day is more important than what you do occasionally. I’ve heard that for max productivity and lowest stress, you must make sure your house keys, your mobile phone and your bank cards are 100% usable with no friction. I get that. Better that your knicker and socks drawer is tidy rather than rustling through cocktail dresses each morning.

  • Because culture eats strategy for breakfast

Yes Peter Drucker, IT DOES. You’ll build a resilient business if you can percolate a set of behavioural norms that are fit for purpose rather than trying to exert control over every task or project your people are working on.

The real reason we’re called Breakfast People: ask someone to tell you what their ideal breakfast is.

You’ll learn a lot about the person’s values and what fulfils them. They’re alone in bed with a breakfast tray and a sketchbook. They’re enjoying a raucous hangover brunch after the wedding. They’re laughing while protecting toddler hair from porridge.

Ask people about real amazing breakfasts they’ve had. They’ll tell you about their best holidays, delicious ingredients from their homelands, the people they love. You are hearing something fundamental about their spirit and soul.

Think about your ideal breakfast. Oh it’s a joy, isn’t it?

Breakfast is a feeling, not a food.

Breakfast is a state of mind.