Activation Hour

🎈 ACTIVATION HOUR: Weekly on Tuesdays at 2pm 🎈

Would you like to easily ringfence some time and space for a project or task? 🛠️ 

Introducing…..Activation Hour! ⏳ 

Join a group of like-minded people, working with an hour’s quiet focus. 💭 

It’s not a webinar or training or coaching, it’s simply time and space held for you to work on your important stuff while we do the same. 

You can think of it as virtual co-working! ☕  



Why is it called Activation Hour?2020-11-05T06:50:50+00:00

When we are tackling our big work, sometimes we don’t want to get started so we keep putting it off. We often call this procrastination, which is avoiding something we don’t want to do. The antidote to procrastination is ACTIVATION! Meaning, we get started on something we do want to do! A key ingredient of Activation is knowing other people care about what we are working on, and will notice if it doesn’t get done. I have set up Activation Hour to help me start consistently on my big work, by knowing at Tuesday 2pm each week, other people are going to show up for their big work too. It could also be called Deep Work Hour or Focus Hour, or even, Quiet Time.

How does it work?2020-11-05T06:54:54+00:00

It’s a Zoom call, and I’m on there from just before 2pm. We take about 5 minutes to let people join, say hello and get settled. 

I invite you to share on the chat what you’re working on during Activation Hour.

Then we’re off! Everyone goes on mute and/or turns off camera and gets cracking. BLISS.

I give you a reminder when there’s 15 minutes to go, and again when it’s 5 minutes. 

Then we say goodbye! Simple and effective, like all the best things in life. 

I also stay on the call for another 30 minutes in case anyone wants to have a chat or talk about their big work, as an optional extra. 

Why is it at 2pm? That’s a weird time2020-11-05T06:55:28+00:00

Great question. Well, I don’t know about you but I generally don’t need help with motivation in the morning. But by early afternoon, I’ve run out of steam and it can be soooo hard to keep being productive. I need some structure mid afternoon to help me keep the momentum going.

Do I have to have my camera on?2020-11-05T06:55:43+00:00

No, please come as you are and be seen or unseen as you prefer!

Do I have to have my audio on?2020-11-05T06:56:00+00:00

It helps if you can signal that you can hear us at the start of the call – either via your mic or the chat box. Then, we mute while we work.

Do I have to come every week, or register each time I want to come?2020-11-05T06:56:15+00:00

No. You sign up once and I send you the Zoom link. I use the same link every week to make it easy, so you can just save that in your calendar. You can then join as many or as few sessions as you like.

Can I book but then not turn up?2020-11-05T06:56:30+00:00

Yes! If it helps to have all of them in your calendar and then decide on the day whether to join, that’s fine. There’s no obligation to come along. The idea is that it’s a support there if you need it. 

Should I let you know if I’m not coming after all?2020-11-05T07:12:03+00:00

If you’ve changed your mind or you can’t come for any reason, you don’t need to let me know. I’m on the call come rain or shine, whether anyone comes or not, because I’m working on developing consistency in my activation….

My day went boom. Is it ok to turn up late or part-way through?2020-11-10T16:30:16+00:00

Yes! I will give you a wave but then we’ll keep on going.

By the way, congratulations on activating yourself onto Activation Hour even though your day went boom. You’re truly modelling resilience and commitment to your big work there, well done. 

Can I leave part-way through?2020-11-10T16:30:39+00:00

It is compulsory for you to be there for the whole session once you have joined. JUST KIDDING! Of course, you can leave the call any time. 

Can I talk to people?2020-11-10T16:31:08+00:00

During the Hour of Activation we stay on mute as part of creating a focussed environment. 

However, if you’re a real chatter bunny and/or find it helpful to talk through your work, I do stay on the call until 3.30pm in case anyone wants to hang out or talk about their big work (my favourite topic!)

Is the chat box busy and distracting? 2020-11-10T16:31:46+00:00

We post what we’re working on and then get on with it. Sometimes people post updates – my favourite so far has been, “I have done the first thing on my list so now I’m going to get a doughnut as a reward”. That’s it as far as chat goes. 

Do you try and sell me anything? Is it really a webinar?2020-11-10T16:32:31+00:00

No, it’s just virtual co-working. I say hello and welcome, then we get started. There’s not a lot of talking, believe me! 

I’m hosting Activation Hour in the hope that other people will join me while I focus on writing and creating.

In the spirit of full disclosure: people who register for Activation Hour are automatically signed up in the system to receive my weekly email Flow on Fridays. It’s a short article, designed to help you get your big work done. You can unsubscribe any time of course, heartbreaking as that is for me. 

Is it recorded?2020-11-10T16:32:54+00:00

No. Any recording would only appeal to very niche tastes. There’s nothing that happens apart from people thinking or typing in silence. All the action is happening inside our massive brains.

You keep talking about Big Work. Do I have to be working on something really big?2020-11-10T16:33:17+00:00

No, whatever you want to use the hour for is fine. Some people use it for one big thing, others have a list and churn through it, or use it to catch up on email. You could even be doing some yoga! Whatever you want to use the time for is perfect, and you can do it knowing you are in good company.

Do people speak? 2020-11-10T16:33:42+00:00

So far people haven’t! I give a quick intro then it’s followed by quiet working. I give people a 15m reminder, and a 5m reminder before the end. Then people often just say “thanks, gotta go, bye!”.

Are there minimum or maximum numbers?2020-11-10T16:34:05+00:00

Neither. If we get so big my internet starts getting boggy then I will set a limit. We are very far away from that! 

And I am there every week no matter what.

I signed up and was looking forward to it, but it’s Tuesday morning now and I feel grumpy about having to join. Am I normal?2020-11-10T16:34:41+00:00

One attendee said that before she joined, her inner rebel started saying “oh you don’t need to bother with that Activation Hour thing!”. Isn’t it GREAT that she noticed that? I feel like that every week too! Which is exactly why I need the commitment of being there. Talk about a great opportunity to practice overcoming that voice, which will be showing up in lots of other places too. I use “I am going to join even if I don’t feel like it” and then I’m so happy and grateful afterwards that I did show up.

What if someone is being really distracting?2020-11-10T16:35:06+00:00

If someone was persistently interrupting or behaving inappropriately then obvs I would use my right click of rejection. But (a) that would be pretty exciting and dramatic, so worth being on the call to see it, yes? and (b) it’s very very very unlikely to happen!!!

Why are you doing this?2020-11-10T16:35:29+00:00

As a solopreneur and/or working from home, it can be very isolating sometimes. I really miss the days I had a team – knowing other people are working alongside me is very motivating. Having deadlines to others as well as their company means I show up for my own big work. I also love to hear I’m supporting other people to focus on their big work – win/win.

Can I invite other people?2021-04-27T13:04:26+01:00

Yes – please ask them to register by clicking here.

Can I use it as an excuse to get out of another meeting I don’t want to go to?2020-11-10T16:36:14+00:00

Oh yes: great minds… That is one of the key use cases for the meeting. Please mark it in your calendar as “Meeting With Deana” and say you are unavailable. By the way, you can do that any time if you need space for yourself, not just on Tuesdays at 2pm.

I have a question about Activation Hour that is not on your otherwise comprehensive FAQs list…2020-11-10T16:36:34+00:00

Please email me:

The whole purpose of Activation Hour is to offer you time and space to focus on your big work! Bring any project or task that you’d like to concentrate on with a group of like-minded people who also want to get their stuff done.

See you there!  👋