Will I need a Zoom online account?2018-05-03T11:23:22+01:00

Yes, you will need a Zoom online account in order to access the online session.

Where should I be for the online session?2018-05-03T11:22:43+01:00

You will need to be in a quiet space, away from distractions.

How do I join the online session?2018-05-03T11:17:52+01:00

You will be sent joining instructions after you’ve signed up.

What kind of people go to this course?2018-05-03T12:11:53+01:00

Brilliant women like you

Leaners-in: looking for a promotion or a new role

Leaners-out: rebels, questioners & women cutting their own path

Anyone with an idea to explore

Working mums doing the juggle

People working through a life change

Creators, artists & entrepreneurs

What is the workshop format?2018-05-03T11:41:10+01:00

It’s a 3 hour session with a short break. The time includes learning about your Inner Mentor, exercises to connect with her 1:1, and some group discussion. There will also be journaling materials provided.

My employer might pay for this workshop – could you invoice them / provide more info?2018-05-03T12:12:19+01:00

Yes. We need a letter of sponsorship from your employer, and then Breakfast People will issue an invoice which needs to be paid 7 days before the workshop date.

How do I pay for this workshop?2018-05-03T12:12:30+01:00


Do I need to bring anything?2018-05-03T12:12:47+01:00

Just you! This is one of the key take-aways from the workshop: you already have everything you need to move forward.

Is there a lot of prework or homework?2018-05-03T12:12:59+01:00

You’ll need to read ‘Playing Big’ by Tara Mohr before the session, and there are recommendations for follow-up to deepen your experience of the workshop, although none of it is compulsory.

Do you offer any kind of guarantee?2018-05-03T12:14:51+01:00

If after the workshop, you did not find the session helpful, I will set up a 1:1 feedback meeting, so I can understand more about your experience, and will refund your course entry fee following that meeting.

Do men have inner mentors too? Can they come to the workshop too?2018-05-03T12:13:16+01:00

Yes! The tools we use in the workshop can be used by anyone.

How many people will be at the workshop?2018-05-03T12:13:26+01:00

We intend to keep the workshops to a max of 6-8 people so all participants have a chance to contribute as much as they would like to.

Sounds a bit woo-woo. Is there a religious aspect to this workshop? Is it very self-helpy? Is everyone going to be crying?2018-05-03T12:13:37+01:00

There are no religious or supernatural elements to the workshop. It’s a practical workshop designed to help participants learn about themselves. There is time dedicated for you to reflect inwards and for some (but not all) participants, connecting with their inner mentor can be an emotional experience. For everyone, it is a useful mental process that brings out an alternative and often surprising viewpoint.

The workshop is not therapy or counselling, and participants will sign a short form confirming they understand this in advance. If you are working through a highly emotive or stressful experience, please seek professional support. You can find a therapist here.

How do I know if the workshop is right for me?2018-05-03T12:14:02+01:00

If you’ve got this far, then something about this topic has caught your attention. Your inner mentor may be letting you know she has something to say! If you have a sense of wanting to create something or follow a particular direction, and yet follow a pattern of being nudged away from this path – for any number of really well-intentioned reasons, probably! – then this session will help you.

You could also read Tara Mohr’s Playing Big. If the book resonates with you, you will love the workshop

What’s the dress code?2018-05-03T12:13:58+01:00

Come as you are!